A nonprofit mission of Vest for Life Inc.

A Great Cause Marches On

Vest for Life Inc. is pleased to continue the proud tradition of protecting those who protect us with the assumption of the Armor of God Project now renamed St. Michael’s Shield Project. Vest for Life Inc., is a nonprofit 501C(3) organization located in Knoxville Tennessee and is committed to providing free used body armor to officers that could otherwise not afford the luxury of this vital piece of lifesaving equipment.

Our Mission:

There are two things that will never change in Law Enforcement. The first is the mission to protect and serve our communities and fellow citizens; the second is a commitment to working as a tight knit team to accomplish that mission. The stark reality is that the need to protect our communities from violence and criminal activity grows larger each day while the dangers of serving in this mission increases along with it.

Unfortunately, it is estimated that 40% of Law Enforcement Officers in the United States are without body armor. We hold the belief that men and women who are sworn to protect others from violence should not become victims of violent crime themselves. Our goal is to provide body armor to all Law Enforcement Officer’s that desire it. To accomplish this, we need your support.

Help us Help Others

Through the efforts of a small cadre of volunteers, generous financial supporters, and donating agencies this mission has provided over 10,000 free vests to officers in all 50 states. We ask that you partner with us by donating your used body armor so we can continue providing Law Enforcement Officers with this vital piece of life saving equipment for only the cost of shipping.

Should you choose to help support our program with a vest donation, we will provide your agency with a Hold Harmless Agreement to release your agency from any liability associated with our mission. To further reduce liability, all recipients are required to sign a release form and only verified Law Enforcement Officers are eligible to receive body armor. Vest for Life requires that applications be completed and the officer’s credentials verified prior to any vest being shipped to a potential recipient.

Once a donated vest is received by Vest for Life Inc., our team removes all serial numbers on the vest panels and never discloses the donating agency to the receiving officer. To date we have received donations from law enforcement agencies, both large and small, all over the United States.

If you would like to donate the cost of shipping as a gift to our cause you may ship the vests to us using your preferred carrier under your shipping account. If not, we will cover the cost of shipping to our warehouse located in Knoxville Tennessee.

Please forward all inquiries to Doug Kiser via email at info@wordpress-394585-1389649.cloudwaysapps.com. We welcome you to visit our website at www.vestforlife.com. For up to date information please see our St. Michael’s Shield Project Facebook page. Thank you for your Support!

Thank You For Your Donation

On behalf of the St. Michael’s Shield Project, we would like to sincerely thank you for your vest(s) donation. Due to the generosity of individuals and agencies, we have the ability to provide ballistic vests, free of charge, to peace officers in need.

You can mail your vest(s) to the following address:

St. Michael’s Shield
c/o Vest for Life Inc.
6501 Booher Rd.
Corryton, TN 37721

If you indicated that you need assistance in funding the shipment, a representative will be contacting you.

Thank you again for your interest and commitment to the safety of peace officers.

Please share our site with your colleagues: www.vestforlife.com

The St. Michael’s Shield Project Team