“We are a small department and budget restraints prevent us from equipping our officers with the latest safety equipment. We had an officer killed here in 1997. A vest then might have saved his life. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in this project.”Randall, from Arkansas
“I just wanted to thank you and everyone involved with this project. I received my vest a few days ago, and haven’t went a shift without it, and don’t plan on it. Again, my family and I would like to thank your organization for the chance of life, in case the worst would come to light while I’m on duty serving the citizens of Ohio.”Adam
“My wife is concerned for my safety and I can’t afford a good vest. I hope you can help me. My family and I would not be able to thank you enough! There is about 5 other officers in are department that also need vest. I’m sending this request form to them. God bless you guys, you guys are real life savers no pun intended!”William
“I received my vest. I felt like a kid opening a present at Christmas once it arrived. The vest fits amazingly. Thank you all for what you do. You truly are amazing. Thanks you so much.”Officer Fried, State of Oklahoma
“I received my vest today and I was very pleased with its “like new” appearance. It fits very well and I am very blessed to receive it. Thank you so much and God bless you and Ten Four Ministries. The other reserve officers on our force are excited about the possibility of obtaining their own vest. Thanks again.”Ron, State of Arkansas
“I received the best gift today, since the birth of my children. Thank you very much. I only wished that I could thank you in person and shake your hand. As you know I work for a small department (4 officers) that does not have the budget to supply vests. Again Thank You Very Much.”Buddy, State of Alabama
“I received my vest today. WOW it fits great and looks great I am very pleased with the quality of the vest I have been blessed with. Thank you so much for what you do, I hope for the opportunity to give back to the Armor of God ministries someday.”David, Protecting and Serving
“I am starting my career as a reserve officer. A vest would come in very handy, as I have already been shot once. I know the value of having a vest and I never want to be caught without one. Even if I don’t receive a vest, I want to thank you for all that you do for the peace keepers of the world.”Officer, State of Oklahoma
“I received the vest today; it is a beautiful thing to have such a nice and newer piece of equipment such as the vest you provided me with. I will always be grateful for you and your church’s generosity. Every day when I put it on, I will always remember you and go out into the community feeling as if I am wearing the armor of God.”Deputy, State of Washington
“I work for a small department – I have been a patrol deputy for 1 1/2 years – my department doesn’t have the funds to get each patrol deputy a vest – at this time I have a vest that is to big for me and is around 20 years old. Any help with a vest would be great.”Officer, State of Louisiana
“Hi. This is a real blessing. I’ve been praying for something like this. Have gone 2 years without a vest but can’t really afford one. Cost so much for all the other stuff. I will send a donation to your ministry if you can help me. God bless you and I use this job as a ministry. When I have you in custody it’s a great time to share Jesus. “What you have done unto the least of these you have done unto me”. I try to make sure they see Jesus in me. God has been good to me and protected me so far but maybe now I need extra help. Only God knows for sure. Thanks again so much. A brother in Christ.”Greg, State of Pennsylvania