Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be liable for anything if I donate my vest?

Before you donate your vest, you will be sent an acknowledgement and release document signed by the Director of the St. Michael’s Shield Project designed to hold you harmless in any future litigation. When the vest is donated, another release form will be signed by the recipient of the vest acknowledging that the vest is used and not guaranteed.

If the vest is used, how will I know it will work?

The Manufacture of ballistic vests will not generally warranty them past 5 years. That does not mean the vest will not work properly. Many tests have been conducted that show that long after a manufacture warranty is over; vests can still stop many bullet types. While it would be ideal to have a newer vest at all times, many officers simply have nothing. A used vest is better than nothing and we sincerely pray that you will consider helping us in this project.

Where will my vest be sent?

Our main emphasis is providing vests to Officers within the United States that are in need. If you would like to designate where your vest goes, please tell us that in the comment section.

I don’t have a vest and need one?

Please fill out the form on the project website. Tell us your waist and chest size in the comment section. As soon as we identify a vest for you, we will send it to you.

What agencies are participating in this Project?

For safety reasons, we do not reveal what officers or locations have received vests. We have provided entire police departments with vests and a SWAT Team.

How long will it take to receive my vest?

This depends on four main factors. First, we must have all of your required documentation including police identification, signed hold harmless agreement and a completed application form requesting a vest and money order for shipping cost. Once you have completed those requirements, sending the vest to you depends on whether we have a vest that fits you and whether we have adequate funding to ship the vest to you. You could receive your vest within one week or unfortunately it could take several months, depending on our supply of vests.

Who is eligible to receive a vest?

We are currently only authorized to send vests to sworn peace officers and reserve officers that have been given arrest powers by their state.

Is a Constable or Reserve Officer eligible for a vest?

If you are considered a sworn peace officer within your state then yes.

I am a Constable and do not have Police Identification?

Then please send us your election paperwork.

Do you donate large quantities of vests to law enforcement agencies?

We only issue vests to individual peace officers. An agency can apply for vests but they must complete the application process for each officer that needs a vest.